Thursday, April 5, 2007

Cool Caribbean! I love it!

I absolutely love this color! This card is pretty basic but the SU paper cool caribbean is such a nice color I just had to use it! Makes me feel 'springy' despite the fact I woke up this morning to see a nice blanket of snow! For the past two weeks everyone has been wearing shorts, and tanks as if it were the middle of summer! Well.... not today! I just hope that the snow dissipates and the cold weather too because I am in my fiance's sister's wedding on Saturday! It's going to be cold wearing strappy shoes and an open back dress when it's winter! LoL!!

Despite my wishfulness of warmer weather....I am happy to see winter sticking around for now....As many of you know scientists are warning that the planet is facing a catostrophic crisis right now.....Global Warming.....It is our responsibility to protect our earth for future generations but we must act now. Former President elect Al Gore produced an award winning documentary titled "An Inconveniet Truth" it's a must see!! Along with watching the movie you can visit the website:

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