Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Here we go!

Ok... I must say that I am thrilled to have now started my own blog! What fun this is going to be! With this blog......I expect that from time to time I may submit my own two cents worth of opinion on various worldly matters...I am a political science major student...what can I say.....

However! Stamping is of most importance here!!! I am so exicted to begin sharing my stamping with everyone! It's funny, when I was still in high school a teacher of mine invited me to start up a stamping club with her! I thought she was crazy but I was wrong....the first time I stamped...I was absolutely ADDICTED!! We ended up getting some other girls involved in making and then selling our stamped cards with all the money being donated to the Children's Hospital! Well time passed me by and stamping was a thing of the past until......I was introduced to Stampin Up! WoW! Let me tell you....I haven't stopped since I discovered the wonderful world of Stampin Up products! I went to a party with my boss from work and the addiction has started all over again!! Yippee!!

Just a little side note! Because this is a new blog.....it is going to take me a few days to get everything set up....but I promise I will get my pictures posted real soon!! So for the time being.....we are Under Construction! LOL!