Thursday, March 1, 2007

Think Spring!

Well the month of march has rolled in like a lion! (Apparently it is suposed to go out like a lamb? LoL!) I had never heard of this saying until my friend Natalia explained it to me the other day....that must be the same as the Irish saying Erin go Bragh! LoL! I had never heard of that before either!

Anyway God Bless Canada!.... I woke up this morning and the sun was shining bright, the next thing I know it is a blizzard outside only for it to start raining which was followed by some sunshine and more snow until now that is....we have freezing rain! Yucky!

I am happy to say that I bought a new digital camera and am now able to share my *creativity* with everyone! I must say that looking around at everyone's blog I sometimes feel a little intimidated by all the amazing work I see!

However, in saying that.....I enjoy stamping and the result of my own little *creations*....... Because I am starting out with stamping it is going to take some time to build a collection of stamp sets...But the possibilities of creating cards with the stamp sets I have now are endless! That's the great thing about are never restricted with what you can create!

Anyway before I write a book it is dinner time! Then essay time..........BlaH! I can't wait for school to be over! Then I will be free to stamp stamp stamp all summer long!

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